Tuesday 31st March 2020

Alternative to Blogger.com?

If you are looking to start your own blog or you are not happy with blogger. You are looking for an alternative to blogger.com

I have listed alternatives to blogger with pro's and con's:

alternatives to Blogger.com


An alternative to Blogger


Protects your privacy

Works totally anonymously or you can sign up with a pen name.

No sign up required

You can publish without ever signing up or giving out your email address.

Clean writing space

It's made for writing, so there aren't crazy buttons and alerts all over the place to distract you.


Very simple

The editor only lets you write plain text, select from a few fonts, and use Markdown for formatting. It's difficult to use Write.as for more complicated blogging or creating a full website.

The writing space is very limited

The writing window is limited to only about one-fifth of the page, the rest is just blank. You can only see about three lines of text at a time. Seems like a mismanaging of space.


License: AGPL

Price: $1-$25 / month

Language: Go

Free tier: Yes


An alternative to Blogger


Paragraph based commenting

As Medium encourages long-form writing they've re-imagined how comments should work accordingly. You can leave comments for every paragraph separately, so you don't have to reference a specific part in a comments section at the bottom. Technically, the feature is called "notes."

Unintrusive yet powerful community interaction

Allows for finding new, related content.

Built-in analytics

Medium shows how many people have opened your post and how many have read through it. And how many people have recommended your post.

Collaborative if you want it to be

You can send a draft out to other people and have them edit and leave notes on it.


Medium allows bookmarking articles and following collections as well as users.

Great inbound channels to acquire bigger audiences quickly

Has a great network based on tags and search for "Suggest an article" as a similar read to others and for specific categories. Allows you a much bigger audience quicker than most platforms.

Recommendation system

Intended for appreciating a post, allows easier discoverability of an article by other readers.

Google Analytics support

They can enable this for you upon request.

Excellent Post editor

With so many built-in features and flexibility to use, I would recommend Medium first amongst all.

Photo upload and the display is aesthetically pleasing

If you post photos as part of your blog, the interface on Medium is one of the best for both inline uploading as well as display in the post itself.


Medium can use your content however they want

Your content can be used royalty-free by Medium according to their Terms of Service.

Not self-hostable

Cannot customise domain address

From April 2018, Medium has removed the ability to set a customised domain on new accounts.


Export is limited

The only export option is HTML. If you want to migrate away from Medium for some reason, it might be very difficult to do so.

Non-intuitive, non-threaded comment system

Limited customization options

In order to create a dead-simple way to use the service, the possibility to customize your blog was sacrificed. Medium publications, however, do allow a limited amount of customization.


An alternative to Blogger


Clean, beautiful pages

Medium has clean, minimalist pages with pictures and great typography.

Great post editor

A WYSIWYG editor that does not get in the way at all. It is invisible most of the time and only appears when you select something.

Excellent readability

There are no distractions and with a clean layout and great typography, reading Medium articles is a pleasure.

Zero setup required

As soon as you sign-up for the service, you are ready to start writing.

Clean writing experience

Medium takes away all the clutter without taking away any necessary features for a better writing experience. And it doesn't require knowing Markdown to write, all tools are WYSIWYG.


Blognow can use your content however they want your content can be used royalty-free by

blognow according to their Terms of Service.

Not self-hostable

Cannot customise domain address

From March 2020, Blognow has removed the ability to set a customised domain on new accounts.


Non-intuitive, non-threaded comment system


An alternative to Blogger


Fast and easy to use

Deployment is easy and fast

Hexo built sites can be easily deployed to Github pages, Heroku, Openshift (custom cartridge needs to be setup) or any other custom solution (just copy over the public folder). Any deployment is as simple as editing the _config.yml file and running the hexo deploy command

Generating a blog is pretty fast

Generating a new blog with Hexo is generally really fast. Hexo truly lives up to it's name as a simple and fast static website generator.

Constantly updated and actively maintained

Hexo's repository in GitHub is very active and it's actively being maintained. Updates are released every two or three months.

Complete and helpful documentation

Hexo's documentation is very thorough and helpful, especially for people who are just starting with it.


Relatively large community but the majority is non-english speakers

Hexo has a relatively large following and community, especially in China. While this is certainly a positive, many developers who do not know Chinese would be unable to follow all the guides and tutorials out there written by their Chinese counterparts.


An alternative to Blogger


Import from other blogging platforms

Such as blogger.

Bulk media options

Widget management

Support sort post by name

Powerful analytics out of the box

Plugins for every occasion

There are a wealth of plugins that can cater for just about every requirement you may have, and many of these plugins are free.


Post must has category else it will be labelled as uncategorized


The plugin cannot be used, custom HTML/css, Date Permalink cannot changed on free WordPress

Slow Speed

Navigating between action took around 3-5 seconds and longer for bulk action.

You have to pay even for custom CSS