Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Post Nut Clarity

Post Nut Syndrome

Post nut syndrome? What is it, and what does it really mean? If you interact with people a lot or read many books, then you might have come across the term "post nut syndrome". This term refers to feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression that you feel almost immediately after having sex. Experts say that men are more prone to experiencing this feeling.

We all have primary instincts. These instincts might sometimes cloud our emotions and thoughts with the inability to make smart choices. A good example is being influenced by someone to do something you've been avoiding your whole life, such as doing drugs. You will definitely have some regrets later, right?

Joe Rogan gives an example of how you might think you like a certain girl, so you have sex with her. However, you realise that you don't really like her as you hadn't thought the whole thing through.

So, let's say you have a crush on a girl, masturbating before you take the friendship on another level, will help you be sure whether you are really into her. How? After masturbating, your mind will be clearer, thus allowing you to make smarter choices of whether to be with that girl. The post nut clarity you get after you nut will help you to determine if you are honestly into the girl or it's just sexual urges.

Another good example is when you are considering getting back with your ex. If you masturbate while fantasizing with her, then you'll have clearer thoughts of whether to get back with her after you nut. Therefore, the post nut clarity you get either after sex or masturbating gives you the power to restraint yourself and not make stupid decisions.

What does science say about post nut syndrome?

The International society for sexual medicine refers to this syndrome as feelings of agitation or deep sadness after sex even if you enjoyed the encounter.

So, it does not matter whether you are having pleasure alone or with someone, the sadness that follows can make you focus even more and question your intentions with that person.

According to science, the brain is usually less active when you are having sex or masturbating. Doing this makes your judgement clouded while dopamine rushes to your brain, making you feel intense pleasure. When you reach orgasm, the body releases Oxytocin impacting social, cognitive and emotional behaviours. The dopamine levels then slowly decrease, causing your decision making stronger since you are no longer under the influence of sexual urges.

As you can see from this article, post nut clarity is a real thing, but it's most common to men. However, women can also get post nut clarity after sex. Therefore, you can actually use post nut syndrome to your advantage to help you make better decisions and avoid any regrets.