Sunday 10th May 2020
172 21 Traits of people during Lockdown

21 traits of people during lockdown

Quarantine characteristics

This quarantine is changing peoples habit afar. It changes their daily routine which is affecting their habits too.

Sounds informative? Let's roll down.

Let's see how people are getting CORONAIZED.

1. The Introvert one:

This lockdown comes as a blessing for them. They’ve made themselves comfortable in their own room. Leaving in their dreamy world. Afar from the crowd they got peace in mind. They are watching movies alone or reading a book.

2. Social media addicted:


They have nothing to do without scrolling. Even no household chores. They’re just stalker type checking on others lifestyles. Popping up selfies frequently. Passing free time as usual.


3. Cooking expert:

Some people especially girls becoming obsessed with cooking and posting them on their social media sites. Before lockdown some of them were like never entered in the kitchen, but now they are acting like cooking experts. It’ good that they are learning something new. People are bound to eat homemade food coz restaurants are closed now.

4. Gym freak:

The bodybuilder one or the YOGA lover. They are also happy because they’ve got extra time for their workout. They are using the time properly getting them into the desired shape. They’re succeeding because of taking healthy home-made food.

5. Couch potato:

The total inverse of the former one. They are opposite to fitness freaks. Sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, passing idle time using the remote. They are doing nothing and going to an unhealthy way of living. Even they’re not watching something worthy, just remaining idle on sofa or bed.

They can be called couch surfer.

6. Positive thinker:

Here comes the funny one. They are like no one. Desiring to become a motivational speaker. Trying to find positivity in everything, even it’s bad. They possess a type of toxic positivity in them. Extremely positive can't see anything negative.

7. Pessimist one:

A ZOMBIE like Character, thinking about worlds end. Lost all validation and hope, ready to die anytime. Lost all the hope of living. Someone lost close one during corona. Can't forget the sweet memory they had together.

8. Sleepyhead:

Oh! It’s time time to hit the sack.

They sleep all the day away wakes up at night like an owl. They're kinda sleepy hog. Even they got bored due to excessive sleeping and again sleep to remove the boredom.

9. Smart Cookie:

Here comes the allrounder. He/she can do everything without any exhaustion. They are our MOM&DAD. Never gets tired of working, can handle everything swiftly. We are really blessed to have parents like them. They're nailing parenting.

may GOD bless them.

10. Religious minded one:

Some believers turned to God during this global crisis. Whether they are Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, whatever they are. All trying to comfort their mind by praying more and more.

They are also two types-

a. The real practitioner and believer: The regular good one.

b. The new believer: Suddenly became fanatic religious without brain & logic. Comes up with crazy ideas.

11. Video caller:

They are people who can’t live alone. Thay always wants someone's company. The friendliest of all, who always talks freely with everyone.

12. Working Expert:

The person who lives to work, love to work. Never gets tired of working anytime, no stress touches him ever. Whoever thinks that working from home is stressful, he/she is a perfect example for them to follow.

13. The Freelancer one:


exactly, you heard it right.

Making money from their cozy chair and PC. Freelancing is now a great income source all over the world. But, sometimes people like Govt. service holder, corporate job holder doesn’t consider freelancing as a job. Now in lockdown they are popping bottles, where almost all jobs are closed.

14. Free seeker:

Due to lockdown, some businesses are really in trouble. To keep run their work some of them are providing a discount to certain kinds of stuff to increase sales. So some people are taking advantage of it, buying things in cheap are categorized as free seekers.

Don’t take it negatively. It’s a cunning way to thrive.

15. The frightened one:

Some people are becoming so afraid that they can’t believe anyone. They became so skeptical that, they’re having a trust issue with everyone, even family members. A normal sneezing takes their breath away.

16. Netflixchoholic:

HaaHaa, new word! A weird word.

It’s showtime for them too. Now they are watching all of it as long as they can. They are movie addicted.

17. Skill UP Dude:

Okay, someone is really using this time wisely. They are in this category. They are learning from online however it is possible. Some valuable online courses become free due to lockdown.

They are like the smart cookie version.

18. The beauty Queen:

Here comes the model of the town.

During quarantine she can’t go out but she is grooming herself as usual and posting on Instagram, or Facebook. Her glamorous makeup looks, designer dresses, jewelry, etc.

they are- “Don’t rush, Don’t Judge” makers.

19. KIDDO group:

Okay, now it’s heaven on earth for them.

They are getting all the family members together. These little kids are the cutest attention seeker. They are funny, they are mischievous like my boy.

20. School students:

They are also like the Kiddo group but a bit grown up. All educational institutions are closed and they are relaxing like no one. They are without any tension the happy lads. No tension at all.

21. YouTubers or Influencer:

This quarantine is also good for them, as their viewers are increasing day by day. They are busy with their camera and sound system all day making updated videos for viewers. 

Ok, THE END???


Here is a bonus for you, buddy.

22. The careless one:


It’s the last one, who never bothered by anything. He’s not afraid of CORONAVirus.

If they were allowed they could travel the whole world.

Which one are you???  Comment below.

If I missed any typo, then Feel free to comment, I'll upload it later. thank you.