Tuesday 17th March 2020

9 top terms and conditions generators online - free

Hi if you are a new startup or you have recently created a website for your business. Then you will need a terms and condition done for your online identity.

And you know how difficult is the legal terminology. First you need to understand what kind of information you are going to manage, then you need to figure out how you can explain that to your audience in a legal way.

All this will need special expertise and lot of writing skills.

To make it a little easy, I have curated a list of best online terms and conditions generators for you:

Terms and Conditions Generator

Literally as the name suggest here terms and conditions generator is the best free resource available for you online. 

Every website needs a Terms and Conditions. Even if your website is not for your business or any commercial structure, you will be better off with a Terms and Conditions agreemnent. All websites are advised to have their own agreements for their own protection.

We will help you by providing this FREE terms and conditions generator. Fill in the blank fields below, and we will email you your personalised terms and conditions just for you and your business. The accuracy of the generated document on this website is not legally binding. Use at your own risk.

Free Terms and Conditions Generator


TermsFeed creates the necessary legal agreements and policies for your online business. TermsFeed creates customised legal agreements and policies for your website or app based on business needs. Your website or app is unique. Your legal agreements and policies should be unique.

TermsFeed customizes the policies differently for websites, for mobile apps, for Facebook Pages, and so on. Select the platform you're interested in and we'll create a custom policy for you. It is extremely easy to use. Just answer a few questions and you're done. It takes less than 5-8 minutes. TermsFeed hosts the generated policy, for free. You don't need to create a new website page or app screen to display your generated policies to website & app users. TermsFeed regularly applies revisions to all policies and notifies you when major updates are required for your policy. 

TermsFeed allows you to edit the policy text as you wish. You can download the policy or edit it directly on our website.


Privacy Policies

If you have a website, app, eCommerce store or Saas app, chances are you need a Privacy Policy. Get caught without one and you risk some hefty fines. But where do you start? If you're not a lawyer, it can feel like you're drowning in legal jargon and technical nonsense. That's where we come in.

Almost every country in the world has some kind of privacy law to protect their citizens' personal information. That's why every Privacy Policy we generate is adapted to comply with the major privacy laws relevant to you. Just tell us where you operate and we'll customise your Privacy Policy accordingly.

Privacy Policies


iubenda is a software as a service providing compliance solutions to over 30k website and app owners in over 100 countries around the globe. Its solutions include privacy policies, cookie banner management and more.

It currently runs in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian.


Website Policies

WebsitePolicies is a attorney drafted legal policies generator to make your websites and apps compliant with the law

Generate custom-made legal agreements in minutes and keep yourself and your business safe. Do not wait until it's too late and get compliant with the latest government and service requirements today to avoid lawsuits, claims and hefty fines and win your customers' trust by being transparent.


“There has to be an easier way” – this was the phrase that started our mission and it‘s been our foundation ever since.

WebsitePolicies has been launched in Toronto, Canada in 2015 with the ambition to deliver an easy-to-use service to take away the stress and financial burden when it comes to the legal side of having an online presence for your business or personal projects.

What was once an idea has since grown into a company trusted by over 50,000 customers across the world.

We strive to provide the best possible service, evolving with the ever-changing legal requirements in order to help our customers better.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we do everything we can make sure they are happy with the services we offer. If there’s an opportunity to go above and beyond for a customer, we take it.

We know how difficult it is to build a successful business and we want to make it easier for you to reach your goals faster.


With Termly generator, you can easily make terms and conditions online. Take advantage of our website terms and conditions generator to help your business limit liability, combat legal disputes, and establish jurisdiction. Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, Termly’s intuitive software generates disclaimers for any business in minutes. Don’t put your business at risk when protection is free.



GetTerms is a free, generic website privacy policy generator, based on typical, reasonable and fair use of information. Whether you use Wordpress, Shopify, or more, we can generate simple terms & conditions and privacy policy documents for your website, ready to adapt to your needs. 


Technically, you don’t need a terms of service statement. It’s not required by law, but it’s generally wise to include one on your site to cover the expectations and agreements between you and your users. Some organisations may even request you make one available before you can enter into a relationship with them.

Most of the time, site owners and users behave in a fair and reasonable fashion, making your terms & conditions info redundant. However, in unusual circumstances, such as those involving abuse, intellectual property theft or unlawful behaviour, having your terms & conditions stated explicitly can offer basic protections for you and your business by limiting your liability and clarifying your rights over the content you publish.

Free privacy Policy

At FreePrivacyPolicy, we've helped more than 815,960 website owners create easy-to-read, highly effective, custom Privacy Policies. And now website owners can also create Terms and Conditions agreements for free!

Ouritions intuitive, easy-to-use generator allows you to create a custom Terms and Conditions agreement using our Free Website Terms and Conditions Generator.

All you do is answer a few simple questions about your business and the Terms and Conditions agreement for your website or mobile app is created and ready to be added to your site. In fact, for most people it takes less than 15 minutes.

Free privacy Policy

Rocket Lawyers

Rocket Lawyers were created to protect us and enable us to defend ourselves - as individuals, families and entrepreneurs. However, many people do not get the help they need because of the cost and the complexity of the legal process.

The vocation of Rocket Lawyer is to change that by making legal services more affordable, simpler and more accessible to more people than ever before. I am proud to say that we have developed a service that millions of customers can count on. Every day, we focus our efforts on helping our clients get all the legal help they need. This allows them to focus on the essentials: caring for their family and building strong businesses.


The specific, or unique, aspects of the sale or supply of services (eg, any unique specifications, quantity, delivery dates) are set out in a separate order. Make sure that you protect your business interests with professionally prepared T&Cs.

Standard terms and conditions for the sale of goods or supply of services help to make everyone aware of their rights and obligations from the outset and allow the parties to focus their energy on agreeing the specifics of a particular order. When it comes to consumers, there is a considerable amount of legislation, aimed at protecting consumers, which must be taken into account when drafting T&Cs.

Make sure you do things right when creating T&Cs. Create the correct T&Cs using our step-by-step interview.

So above is my list of terms and conditions generator. If you know others and would like me to include in this list drop me a message or comment below.