Wednesday 25th March 2020

How to increase my level on blognow?

You are a blogger and you consistently publish your articles on blognow. But you are just wondering how can you enable features like removal of no-follow and getting more control over articles?

Well this article will should you exactly how to do that. 

Blognow works on a simple principle.

  • Publish unique and engaging articles.
  • Create your authority for your niche
  • Increase your level and we will enable features for you on our platform

Level 0#

When you start publishing articles on blognow. You will be at level zero. When you gain your first 10 subscribers thats where your level bumps up tp Level 1. 

This will enable removal of no-follow link for your profile page on blognow.

And who doesn't like a do-follow link from a DA40 platform?

blognow profile page

As you can see there are multiple links on your profile page. But the most important one is your profile website link with a globe icon. 

That will become a do-follow link once you have your first 10 subscribers.

Level 1#

Once you became level 1, you have opened a gate of opportunities. 

Now you can publish articles and get featured instantly. The only thing you have to do is email our support with your article link at [email protected]

And we will be able to feature your article on our home page and all social media estates subject to our terms of publishing.

This will easily get you tons of views.

Once you published your 10th article on our platform. Just let us know and we will analyse your content. 

If you have a bounce rate less than our threshold (10%). That means readers are happy with your articles and reading through it. 

We will promote you to the next level.

Level 2#

Level 2 gives you a powerful hand and you can actually monetise your writing with it. 

What you will get is a link in each article you write to be removed from our no-follow check.

That means in each article you can define one link which will be do-follow

What? Is that true?

Yes, it is. This will open lots of opportunities for you to trade in guest posts and generate SEO writing jobs.

remove no-follow from your link

So if you have any questions related to how you can progress to next levels on blognow. Please comment below on this article or just drop me a message.

I will be happy to answer your queries.

Happy Blogging